Man is the future of fashion, provide specialists. While female dressing overflowing all their stylistic territories have been cleared , explored , raked , it appears they are right. The spring -summer 2011 should further strengthen their beliefs.

This is not new male fashion designers take risks . And although some experiments are likely to remain on the podium, like the leopard print Givenchy or reasons tachistes total look , they have the merit of advancing the debate.First, in terms of colours . In addition to an elegant palette of sand, more noticeable than in previous seasons, a burst of greens hit two capitals : absinthe , chartreuse and moss in Milan , grass and chlorophyll in Paris (with some goings among Prada particular) . Between the two , a string of blue chatter, but it’s the color ( and matter) that the denim will include: an exercise in style on which Prada, Ermenegildo Zegna, Smalto or Dries Van Noten have brilliantly plate .At the level of cuts next : next summer, is deconstructed, it lightens .

Blazers and trench coats lose their sleeves or buttons. The jackets are pushing up the hybrid asymmetry , as shown at Kris Van Assche Dior Homme. It is not safe to take that infatuation , but Jean Paul Gaultier is the only one to advocate for the port of the skirt: it conceals mostly bermuda shorts , but it is there. She joins another exotic, the harem pants , spurred by the carrot in néopantalon Yves Saint Laurent and Z Zegna.

It was all one day when the other fell for a pair of shoes with high heels on the pretext that we are beautiful feet and shapely legs, knowing full well that both went home, say the shoes do not leave their box, tidy at the back of the closet! No?

Me anyway, I am the champion of errors purchases. Mean that a purchase of three results in a spectacular failure, and many regrets once the credit card charged, simply because I buy badly. But I’m not too extravagant and buy very little, which leads me to think I’m really zero for shopping (or so I only buy the basics, if I’m not sure I mistaken for the fun side. These shoes for example. I bought this winter in The Great Fair of Fashion, a kind of bazaar for the benefit of the AIDES association, for which many renowned designers cede parts of their old collections (or very old if I believe the good old fashion models on sale that day) at unbeatable prices. This is enough to jostle the most motivated among us from the beginning of the event (I am not talking about me when I arrived there was nothing left but a few clothes torn land …).

These shoes then. I loved the moment when I saw them, at first glance. They had this little old-fashioned and kitsch side I liked and even though I suspected that I would probably never have occasion to wear them, I fell in love with the model and leather ribbon that tied around the ankle, front, back or side according to our desires. Not to mention the little grandma (the sale brings people of all ages …) who was constantly telling me, while seeming to admire me “miss, these shoes will go to merveiiiiiille, you should leave with! “. And here.

And that’s how I found myself with a pair of shoes 12cm, molding away in my closet for months before I can wear them. I remember buying them from me, Annouchka, I do not wear that derbies, ballet slippers or shoes with a height acceptable to walk without looking stupid. Because it’s a little problem you see. With heels so high, I can not walk, I look left. I tried to train with me, but without success, I am just ridiculous with heels so high. And besides, my back hurts. I tried several times to refourguer on ebay, my shoes, but nobody wants it. Not even half the price I paid for myself (I buy not only wrong but could I, in addition, of questionable taste?) So I just admire them in their box. Just as an object of art or a painting on the wall, with the fantasy non-lawyer to be able to take one day to wear such pretty shoes…

Hairstyle is simply defined as a style in which hair is cut and arranged. This have been forming an essential part of human personality, reflecting the social, political and cultural trends since the history of mankind. They also reveal the custom and personal characteristics of different people in different regions of the world.

From the earliest times, men and women took care of their hair. No doubt women are always more possessive about their hair and had a conception of beauty, adornment and attractiveness. The Egyptians are known for their attention to the beauty and cleanliness. Since about the 4th century BC, they used knives, hairpins and combs and, later, in the 3rd century BC Egyptian women start using the extension of false hair and artistic. Women were more aware of the length and thickness of hair. They believed that long & thick hair add beauty to their personality.

On the other hand, middle age, Short, chin length and curly hairs became known. Then in the modern age of fashion trends and styles, hairstyles have become more imaginative. Various hairstyles adorned with ribbons, gold, gemstones and pearls were increasingly popular. From 1850 onwards, with the advancement in technology more and more people have started going to the barber to take a fresh look at their personality. In 1872, crimping, waves produced with a hot iron, were invented and have longstanding tendency. Even today crimping is the most preferred hairstyle for young girls. In the 20th century, perm was invented, a hairstyle with a permanent wave. Subsequently, new trends, fashion and technical possibilities translated in various other hairstyles to add to the human personality.

The most common and popular hairstyles of the 20th century, consists of layers, loops, perm, sedu, steps, bun Bob, cutting, cutting short hair, long hair and much more. Fashion is now in the front to give more through different hairstyles for men and women.…

High heels looks appealing & hot in parties & other events. but most of the girls don’t like it due to problem of comfort. What is the ideal right height of high heels? For my part I know I OK with 1 or 2 inch heels where in can spend a day with its 5 cm heel. From 6 to 7 and there are chances for me to get hurt if use all the day so i try to use it occasionally on certain parties with a matching dress. And beyond 7 cm I know that the shoes will spend 99% of their lives with me in their box rather than my feet. And they will eventually, of course, for resale, so i tried not to buy it. It’s not for lack of trying though, and I already had a good track record in my collection of shoes in the range of very high and very uncomfortable and very dicey, too.

But nothing to do, I’m not a girl of high heels. Simple as that. It’s ugly, I know, it’s a little sad too but we must learn to do with what we have and especially with what is not. Here, it’s a talent to wear heels. Yes! consider it like a real talent! Because when I see bloggers crazy about high heels shoes, which seems to me, completely unwearable. when I see pictures of street-style, Photos of trips and photos of parades and parties that I see other chicks, perched on 12 cm heels, I say there, unless you have low self esteem and re-jump ballerinas in his party once the photographer. like sitting on the floor, hugging mini dress, architecture what class, those girls are REALLY what kind of shoes. That’s when I fall in fascination. The fascination with something I could never do: wear high heels. So I wonder sometimes, how do the girls. To always wear heels, live in heels, running in heels, get their kids to school in heels, do their shopping in heels.

Me, in all cases, take my daughter sledding perched on 9cm, no. Go shopping on 11 cm, either. Vacuum with 10 cm, it will not do. Anyway, To get to the real subject of all this, you can imagine that when I come across a pair of 9 cm with a tray of 3 cm which is therefore equivalent to a total height of 6 cm or 1 cm shorter than my maximum allowed, enough to finish the day with, of course, sore feet, but without the tears and the skirts of my mother, I jump to the ceiling ! Especially if the soles are rubber flexible.
Stupid eh, from this angle. Yet real. Cheers girls! Stay safe with your high heels.

Go hippie or go home:

How about we supplant the possibility of “celebration dressing” with the more extensive achieving, grown-up sentiment “boho chic.” It has the same laid-back, simple feel, however doesn’t require a mainstage to work. While going bohemian, keep your own style top of brain. Concentrate on working off your mark look, and putting resources into pieces that will take you through whatever is left of the season—not only an epic end of the week. Underneath, five fun spring searches for each style identity.

Nouveau Boho:

Boho chic has advanced past off-the-bear edit tops, ringer bottoms, and fringy sacks, which have all started to feel overcompensated and somewhat dated now. What looks crisp now are artisanal pieces with true points of interest. It young ladies and mold editors have succumbed to gauzy weaved dresses and excursion wicker container propelled sacks—a triumphant combo for anything from a day at the shoreline to a wedding party. Keep in mind to conform your extras as needs be. In the event that you were pondering, blossom crowns may be a relic of days gone by, however turbans and explanation studs are absolutely in.

Gucci Printed Silk-Twill Headband, $375; Fanm Mon Red Linen Embroidered Mini Dress, $565; Anna E Alex Blue Passementerie Chandelier Earrings, $390; Cult Gaia Ark Bamboo Handbag, $128; Joshua Sanders Jacquard Bow Detail Sneakers, $377

Rock Glam:

When you have a stone’ n’ move demeanor—and closet to match—you don’t take after mold patterns, you begin them. Toughen up a coy botanical shirt with a punky smaller than usual skirt, fishnets, and boots made for stepping. Shaking a restless look doesn’t mean you can’t include a little identity with brassy frill that catch everyone’s eye, similar to these rebel, lippy shades.

Zara Pack of Rectangular Chain Necklaces, $19,; Alexander Wang Cropped Cold-Shoulder Floral-Print Silk-Twill Top, $550,; Linda Farrow x Yazbukey Bubble Gum C’est Ahh Sunglasses, $275,; Zara Fishnet Tights, $16,; Topshop Leather Side Buckle Front Mini Skirt, $180,; Vetements x Doc Martens Leather Boots, $630,

Classic Cool:

Try not to misunderstand us: We adore our shorts, yet you’ll get more mileage out of a some more cleaned shorts ideal for end of the week informal breakfast, mixed drinks, and past. What to wear them with? You can never turn out badly with great stripes. Blend them with desert in planning hues, then complete the look with ageless extras like pilot shades or preppy loafers.

Victoria Beckham Sky Mirror Classic Victoria Sunglasses, $425,; Zara Striped Bodysuit with Front Knot, $50,; Sonia Rykiel Multi Striped Cotton Hat, $325,; Zimmerman Winsome Circle-Lace Shorts, $406,; Rag and Bone Cooper Loafer, $395, cloth; Simon Miller Bonsai Pebbled Leather Bucket Bag, $490,

Psychedelic Chic:

Form architects wherever are riffing on flower child culture in a raised way that is still absolutely far out. The key is nailing a mix of high and low. Think: Psychedelic whirls on a smooth silk slip layered under a coordinating hoodie; a macrame fellowship arm ornament; or these totally fundamental, adorned Crocs with a quite marbleized wrap up.

Zara Tie-Dye Sweatshirt, $40,; Acne Studios Sway Slip Dress, $800,; Sunday Somewhere Rainbow Yetti Round Sunglasses, $290,; Venessa Arizaga Good Vibes Bracelet, $55,; Zara Mini Fabric Backpack, $50,; Christopher Kane X CROCS Multi Stone Clog Sandal, $390,